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And I have never gotten used to the idea that snakes dare exist on the grounds of my suburban home. Now I was faced with the possibility that one of them actually had the audacity to enter it. And make it a double! And if this is some kind of ploy you guys cooked up to get us to buy you a kitten, let me tell you right now, this is not going to work. I glowered at the bookcase, wondering which of the heavy tomes had lured the snake to our abode.

Was it Zen in the Art of Archery? Chug-a-lugging Mylanta all the way, I quickly retreated up the two flights of stairs to the kitchen and safety. And there I stood for more than an hour, pacing and fretting until my husband, my fearless warrior, returned home to rescue his damsel in distress. With that, my three hungry warriors donned their Rossignol ski boots and, armed with a nine iron, a putter, and a Big Bertha, stealthily sought out the interloper, whom I had named, Sammy. The now infamous bookcase was moved only to reveal that our slippery friend had out-snaked us. Knowing I meant every word, the warriors called an animal control specialist who told us the only way to catch Sammy was to put down glue traps.

He assured me the chance of Sammy climbing two flights of stairs to the bedrooms was remote.

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When I saw the glue traps in front of my washer and dryer, I knew I had a problem. This was war! And I was going to show Sammy I was in for the long haul. How was I going to tell my brother and his family, who were coming from Maryland for the weekend, that the guest rooms were now occupied territory? I dialed their number and tried to adopt an upbeat, nonchalant air. The next evening, they arrived — my brother, his wife, their crying infant, and their over-tired four-year-old. Sammy did not appear that weekend, nor did he appear anytime during that two-week period of hide and seek.

My husband continued to go downstairs to use the computer and my sons went downstairs to listen to music without ever encountering my nemesis.

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But by the end of two weeks, I was desperate. I was running out of clean underwear.

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Hoping Sammy was on a diet or had enough reading material to keep him busy for a while, I ventured down the stairs. As I put my foot on the first step, I saw something sticking out of one of the glue traps. Lois Podoshen is a freelance writer and former teacher whose feature articles have appeared in numerous magazines in New York.

Since her encounter with Sammy the Snake, she has moved from New York to Florida, where she says she has not encountered any snakes in her home… yet. To read more of her work, visit loispodoshen. This was really funny! The mental picture of you chugging Mylanta and fleeing upstairs had me laughing. Thanks for your comments. I am really deathly afraid of snakes and this was quite an ordeal for me, but I tried to find the humor in the moment. It also helps to have a family that does funny, out-of-the box things. Reminds me of the time I brought in plants in my Virginia house.

It had gotten cold and the plants were to remain in the rec room for the night. A Sammy appeared on one of the plants and hid. I started to yell my head off.

My husband came and could not find it and suggested that we go to sleep upstairs and I thought thatn he was out of his mind. I said that I would not move until he was found.


SUBURBAN SAFARI: A Year on the Lawn

After a few minutes, I spied him her? My husband covered him with a gigantic towel and carried him oiutside. I have been uploading photos to the iNaturalist website since May—the first observation was a White Lined Sphinx Caterpillar but we have had no luck spotting the Moth yet. My favourite has to be the Green Anoles—they range all over the front garden doing a great job stopping the bugs from eating the plants. The adult female must have been producing eggs for a couple of months as we see new very small young Anoles every two weeks or so.

I had enough video by July to put together a film of the highlights and added some more footage in August. Many thanks to everybody who helped to ID the wildlife. I hope you enjoy watching the film as much as I did making it. What a delightful production!

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  4. I enjoy the biota in my garden on a daily basis and am very familiar with the species photographed here but seeing them in a montage as seen and appreciated by another naturalist is a real treat. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Search for:.

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