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He was preceded in death by his parents and brothers, Norman Bragg and George Bragg. There will be visitation from AM to AM at the church prior to the service. Burial will be in St. Memorials may be made in Michael's memory to the. Condolences may be expressed online at www. Read More. Listen to Obituary. Remember Share memories or express condolences below. View All. Add Message. May your memories bring you comfort.

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Bragg Born: Sun. Charitable donations may be made in Michael's memory to the following organization: A charity of the donor's choice. You have items in your basket. Doris L. Posted Mon April 01, I'm so sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest sympathy.

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Why do people we love die? Romans says: "That is why, just as through one man Adam sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned. Perfect for the lover of short stories, Alone provides variety to satisfy the literary appetite. In these troubled times, this scientific adventure presents us with a vision of a different World order, where the knowledge of an advanced species provides some utopian ideas for solving the problems of Earth.

Scientific questioning surrounding our understanding of genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, sexual attitudes and inhabitations, and our life expectancy feature alongside the historical global issues of religious wars, and attempts at international domination. Can humankind save itself from the devastation that it seems determined to wreak upon its self? Seen through the eyes of a child, however, small details loom large, and almost anything is possible.

This is a story of hope, written with clarity and empathy for a girl who is wryly self-aware of her own foibles.

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In true Dickensian spirit, it might be called an update on A Christmas Carol. After Grimm By E. Set in today's world, these short stories were inspired by the Brothers Grimm. And as it was and still is, these folk of Ani, haven't changed since time passed them by-all hoping to find the golden-goose that will end all grief and elevate them to triumph. Life is unchanged in Ani, except the conveniences of mechanized farming, the automobile, and the new generation coming up into the world.

The mindset is still the same as it was two-hundred years ago, stoic and steadfast as if they never left a time only read in books.

These people live the same as they did centuries ago, and do things the way their parents and grandparents did. Some still live in houses built years ago-framed gingerbread dwellings, some of stone and some of brick and some of stucco. Some still heat their houses and cook with wood, or pump water from a well, and have little interest in shopping at supermarkets or malls or department stores or eating in fast-food takeouts, for they are equipped for living in the old tradition.

These people still live in a world reminiscent of a fairytale. An exciting novel written By Deacon Pat Kearns. Deacon Pat Kearns is an ordained Roman Catholic Deacon and has incorporated the beauty of the faith, along with fictitious characters in this exciting novel creating an experience that will capture your senses and draws you into the spectacular worlds of Bentley Morgan, Father Francis Garcia, Lane Neil, Father Juan Nantez, and Forrest, not to mention so many others. Bentley Morgan — A man who has experienced great tragedy and finds himself immersed in pain and disillusionment.

Following a vision to find meaning and purpose in his life he travels a wild and eventful journey to Guatemala. Father Frances Garcia — A humble parish priest desperately struggling to maintain the traditions of the faith, serving his parishioners, and battling against the evils of the modern culture. He enjoys snow boarding, kayaking and takes us along on his adventures with twists and turns around every corner.

Lane Neil, RN — A pagan woman with a past, experiences job burnout and then begins a journey that flips her life upside down. She stumbles across a Trappist Monastery and this encounter changes her life forever.

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Father Juan Nantez — A Canon Lawyer with solidly traditional roots and who has been assigned to the most liberal and progressive diocese in the United States. He finds himself battling against a powerful opposition with sensational trials, unexpected encounters, including miracles. Forrest — A handsome and peculiar year-old boy with a brilliant mind and the ability to change the world.

He leads us on adventures that are not only thrilling but also painful and glorious as well, while searching for real meaning in life. You will quickly find yourself immersed in the lives of the characters, experiencing their pain, their struggles, their triumphs and evening laughing and crying with these newfound friends. The town was a hundred miles past the frontier so the Germans made their own peace treaty with the Camanche Indians who were at war with the Texas at that time. During the next fifteen years German settlers continued to arrive, spreading out to cover a large part of the surrounding country.

They learned to farm local crops that suited the local soil and learned to be stockmen as well.

In general they prospered. In the Germans watched Texas succeed from the Union and join the Confederacy with a great deal of dismay.

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They, like the rest of the frontier settlements, depended on the U. Army for protection from the Indians and Mexican bandits. The U. Army was rounded up by the Confederates and shipped north by boat leaving many of the frontier forts abandoned. None of the Germans owned slaves or believed in slavery so they did not want to participate with the South in what they saw as a fight for slavery. Most of the Germans had been through the process of becoming United States citizens so they had recently sworn their allegiance to the United States of America and they intended to honor that oath.

Sumter two months earlier.

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This alerted the Confederates to the problem that they had in their midst. While staying true to the history of this time and the historical timeline we shall move to the sping and summer of , place characters in our story and let it move forward from there. Zip, the beautiful fat girl, is back.

Joshua or Cain: how can she choose? Zip does have one additional problem: Cain has a brother just out of prison who has narrowed his homicidal passion to Zip and Zip alone. To get back at his brother he must kill Zip. Reviews "Instead of employing flashy prose, [Walters] relies on craft, intelligence and heartfelt emotion. The Woman Upstairs overflows with humanity, a staple of fiction that never passes out of style. Product Description Diana Guthrie is a young woman struggling between her sense of what she "ought" to do and her need to believe she is more than a puppet manipulated by other people.

When she learns that her powerful and controlling mother-whom she hasn't seen in 15 years-is dying, she hurries back to her childhood home. There she is faced with memories and conflicts that threaten to prevent her from climbing the stairs that will take her to her mother's bedside. Will she find the courage to face her mother before it is too late?

Winner of a Writers Guild of Alberta Award for Excellence in Writing, The Woman Upstairs was published to widespread acclaim in by NeWest Press but quickly sold out and remained out of print for more than two decades. During that time, Mary W. This new edition of The Woman Upstairs will be welcomed by Walters' long-time readers, as well as by new fans of her work.

They lay scattered between the vernal flourish and winter's icy grasp. These are the bones of summer A collection of short tales to chill you to the bone on even the hottest days. Find out what monsters fear in Erebus. Flee sinister silhouettes in When Shadows Move. And witness revenge slip from death's grip in When I'm Stronger. The result: chills and a need to read the next.

The Bones of Summer demands your attention and leave you wanting more. Like a giant octopus, Global World Inc.

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  4. 157 Color Paintings of Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis - Lithuanian Symbolist Painter (September 22, 1875 - April 10, 1911).

Their global protection racket funded terrorist groups worldwide, with very lucrative contracts to protect against it. Now, all the global world board of directors could do was sit and watch their fortunes be deleted in cyberspace. Girls Like Us! Season 2 By Anike B. The year is Paul Rogoff, a twenty-eight year old manic-depressive, has recently graduated from Boston University. While working at a coffee house in Harvard Square, he is struggling to overcome a lingering depression, and come to terms with his illness.

Come As You Are is a humorous, poignant tale about a young man navigating his way through the perils of dating, while doing his best to keep up with friends and family. Avalon's wisdom school, transformed and transferred On16th century Mull off the coast of Scotland, three wise women sustain the clan Mclaine with practical advice, vision, and -- when needed -- magic. Ishbel, the youngest, is threatened from birth by her father's determination to kill her. But she survives under the protection of her grandfather, the clan's chief, and of her amazing grandmother, until she is ready to go to the Wise Gormal and The Doidag in the safety of the sacred mountain, Ben Mor, where she learns, not only magic, but difficult lessons that are far more essential to true wisdom.

The ordinary becomes the extraordinary as compassion and love answer hate and battle lust. But a powerful rancher and his son block the deputy's efforts in order to retain their rigid control over the nearby settlement of Medicine Lodge.