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Book ahead to see Santa, but there are other activities too, including reindeer food-making and elf-spotting. Every self-respecting UK steam train has Santa aboard in December.


Hogwarts gets especially enchanting over Christmas. The Great Hall is readied for the Yule Ball, the Gryffindor common room is suitably sparkling and a blanket of filmmaking snow will be meticulously applied to the model Hogwarts castle. Join the excited search for Santa through the fascinating Black Country Museum.

The Unesco-listed Kents Cavern has an underground grotto and a promenade, panto-style performance around the amazing natural architecture of the caves. Children aged will get a Christmas gift, while older visitors will have to settle for mince pies, mulled wine, and a return ticket for a tour in January With a Tunnel of Light festooned by over , pea-lights, Singing Trees, glowing blossom, twinkling hedgerows and a Fibre Optic Lawn, idyllic 18th-century Stourhead is set to bristle with illuminations.

On the way there is spiced cider, mulled wine or hot chocolate, a fire-pit to toast marshmallows, Victorian fairground rides, and a chance to glimpse Father Christmas and his elves. What better and more festive way to see Richmond Park than a minute tour around its Narnia-esque landscape, deer flitting in the distance? Also on the agenda are snowy owls, Christmas theatre, and chances to meet the reindeer. Other typically imaginative entertainments include Santa Land, with a Christmas Tree Maze, rollercoaster, Santa Train, reindeer merry-go-round, and more.

Father Christmas has kindly agreed to visit, and meeting him here is much more than a quick grotto visit, with a parade of festive characters, live music and puppets. We're still in the process of testing the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The glass back on the phones is a trade-off designed to enable wireless charging, because metal blocks inductive charging, says Richard Fisco, head of electronics testing for Consumer Reports.

The higher the price, the more it might make sense for many people to pay for a little peace of mind. A serial phone smasher pays the same amount that someone who has never cracked a screen would pay. I write about all things "cyber" and your right to privacy. What I enjoy: cooking and learning to code with my kids. I've lived in the Bronx for more than a decade, but as a proud Michigan native, I will always be a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan no matter how much my family and I get harassed at Yankee Stadium.

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Become a Member. Sign In. Remember Me. Not a member? Need further assistance? Please call Member Services at Join Consumer Reports. A funky guerrilla marketing tactic for corporate events is to create pop-up ideas that spark intrigue and excitement. Build on this by making them roam and moveable. You could do this across the country or even in the office with different elements popping up in different departments each day.

They create surprise and buzz about where it could be found next and helps with immediate brand recognition. Staff are just as important to the aesthetic so ensuring they are incorporated into themes and color schemes is important.

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Mix it up by having intricate uniforms, such as these pajamas at the annual meta mixer in line with their sweet dreams theme. Create a quirky set menu with this lavish presentation so guests have their own boards.

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These include ham hock terrine, beetroot crisps and pickles in a beautiful display served with silverware. Credit: Bespoke Awb. Corporate events need excellent styling and while this theme is a Gatsby one, it remains classy and sophisticated. Drawing on the black and cold, a trailing balloon ceiling that spread outwards added a level of intimacy to the event.


A classic, but still incredibly effective, particularly if you get the right food choice and make it shine! These are the perfect example of dessert branding done right with these sophisticatedly stylish treats. A post shared by brandformula brandformula on Oct 15, at am PDT.

Credit: Brand Formula. Digital mapping at this gala showcases different images and projects them, which creates an interactive and engaging way to bring to attendees. The images themselves can be automated and moving and in some cases, integrated with the ability to interact with attendees when they are near for some thrilling fun and wow factor. Canape spoons are the latest things to make this possible and open up a realm of possibilities for your menu. Be big kids at the event with Scalextric races and gamification. You could create an incentivized leaderboard or tournament lasting throughout the event with prizes for the winners.

Converting corporate spaces can be difficult but this penthouse creation is stunning. Is it a Penthouse or a Corporate Cafeteria? You can offer branded swag before the event, as an early bird incentive, giveaway or to bring to the event. This gives attendees the opportunity to show it off and encourage others to look into registering or signing up before the event.

Alternatively, give swag at the registration desk and entrance or in goody bags on the way out. Plenty of branding opportunities and perfect for large event transportation or pre-event build-up. Segways are still interesting and a novelty for many, even though they were released years ago. You could make them available to rent from your booth at trade shows, giving you excellent reach as they make an impact, or ride them in public to market your event. Food is normally the next point of call after a long or out of hours meeting, so take away the worry and send them home with dinner and dessert.

These combination boxes have a variety of amazing food and can be adapted to suit your attendee preferences. From tables, chairs and food stations to cushions, marques and shelving, branding can be used on a variety of furniture surfaces which is why lounges are such a good idea. Increasing technology now means we can avoid the awkward clickers and weird pointing to the presentation control for a seamless speech or presentation.

These gesture control armbands allow those on stage to motion when it is time to move on which can be integrated into the presentation for better delivery. Go all the way with food and remove the buffet entirely. Opt for a private chef who can create tailored meals to suit the vibe, dietary preferences and what you ask for. The food is fresh, you can see it being made and you know it will be customized and hot!


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Credit: Luxe Productions. For retreats, workshops or events that last several days, you could offer free accommodation as part of a giveaway package before or during the event. Before the event would offer more flexibility and allow you better rates to negotiate a hotel package beforehand but even during the event you could offer to cover accommodation costs for the event.

Alternatively, you could simply offer an unrelated overnight stay in a luxury hotel that has other amenities such as a spa or fitness center as a mini-break. Experience is more than just a buzzword. Creating a great experience for event attendees is essential if you want your event to be memorable.

One of the best ways to do that is through entertainment. Capture the imagination of your attendees with unique performers, fun activities and unique experiences to create a buzz around your event. It can attract attendees, give audience satisfaction and increase brand exposure in a big way. Get it right and your attendees will do your social media marketing for you!

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You want to entertain on various levels, big and small. Of course, a big entertainment act is a great event idea but what will attendees do while they wait? Consider different tiers of entertainment for continued amusement that hits the right note. This improves brand reach by getting your event trending and shared globally.

Your event style and type will largely dictate what is appropriate or not. Everything from beach balls, balloons, giant inflatables or even smaller ideas like bubbles can make the experience more interactive, particularly with huge crowds and audiences that it is difficult to get individual feedback from. These can be a way of tying themes together while making it fun and individual as attendees get involved and play games among themselves which can be a particularly good idea at concerts or festivals.

Forget pens and paper, this is caricature art for the New Media Age! Digital caricaturists are one of the most popular options for corporate events that require walkaround entertainment that incorporates technology. Not only will guests want to tweet or post their personal works of art which can include company logos, branding or products!