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A Scandalous Proposition

I also thought that Florentina, with everything she had experienced in her past, would have exhibited a bit more common sense. The villains were also an interesting bunch. They had different motivations and targets in the beginning yet the primary villains both happened to be at the same place at the same time thus neatly tying up all the loose ends. This is where I felt the book could have used a higher word count because I found the resolution of the stickiest problem far too easy and convenient.

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While an enjoyable read, I found this to be too reminiscent of the shorter categories. I would have liked to see what Ms Soliman could have done with a longer word count. Links to purchase Nook Kindle eBook.

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But Blake seems so kind and genuine, and she has nothing to lose: she goes to Hollywood with him, but is determined to fend for herself on the movie scene. While the characters are fairly standard, the plot is not completely predictable.

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Published: Jun Buy from our partners. He's known for getting what he wants… …and she's his biggest prize! Actress Kate Holiday is used to the spotlight, yet is happy melting into the background at a society party.

Until the scorching gaze of charismatic Blake Randall rests on her… No acting is required for their sizzling night together! So when he offers Kate a starring role on a billionaire's arm -- and in his bed!